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First Annual Near Death Experience Online Summit


Dr. O'Driscoll is pleased to be part of the First Annual Near Death Experience Online Summit hosted by Professor Tricia Barker, Author and Near-Death Experiencer and a Panel of Prominent NDE Authors and Healers.

  • Jeff Olsen | 1pm - 2 pm
  • Jeff O’Driscoll | 2pm - 3pm

Watch your favorite near-death experience speakers and learn how to transform fear, pain, and guilt into love. Post questions for the opportunity to engage directly with these speakers. End the day with a meditation that will take you to the source of pure being within yourself, granting you access to a space of pure bliss that resides within us all.

Doctor Jeff O'Driscoll's book "Not Yet: Near-Life Experiences and Lessons Learned" discusses his shared-death experience with, Tamara, Jeff Olsen's deceased wife who was killed instantly in the traumatic accident that also nearly took Jeff Olsen’s life. In the trauma suite, while Olsen had one of his near-death experiences, Dr. O'Driscoll saw and communicated with Tamara. After 20 years of silence, O’Driscoll now shares publicly several near-life experiences from his career in the ER.