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Jeff is the type of guy you immediately feel comfortable around. There's no judgement; you just feel accepted as you presently are. I could tell that he takes what he does seriously—he meditates about his clients before and after he meets them. Jeff truly cares about his clients and does everything he can to assist them to heal.  

Hillary Taggart, Nurse Practitioner, Wife, Mother

Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual mentoring with Doctor Jeff may not be what you expect. Sit back, relax, and learn to take a new perspective on yourself and your life. While the world focuses on filling each day with more activity, more engagement and more self-improvement, Doctor Jeff helps clients take a deep breath and realize who they are and what really matters.

What if you could find answers to your most vexing questions—answers you could trust and act upon?

Explaining his practice, Doctor Jeff said, “What began as casual conversations about my book, Not Yet, grew into a powerful process of spiritual mentoring. It grew out of my realization that I can discern the spiritual gifts people neglect or fail to recognize, or take for granted. When I help them honor their gifts, their path to answers becomes clear.”

Doctor Jeff doesn’t give people his answers. He helps them find their own. He helps them discover their personal spiritual center and gently leads them to their Aha Moment. Then the healing begins.

From Doctor Jeff: If you can’t afford a mentoring session, send me a message. I want to help. We’ll work something out.


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I first heard Dr. Jeff being interviewed on the radio, and was immediately struck by his sincerity, openness and interest in helping others connect with their highest self. Dr. Jeff is both professional and personal, making trust immediately available. During a phone session for spiritual support, he helped me recognize a deeper and more meaningful connection to Higher Wisdom and suggested ways to deepen this connection. I'd been caught up in what I need. Now I’m more open to what is needed and how to participate. With Dr. Jeff’s gentle steadfast reminders, I'm building a new Pathway. 

Barbara Heffel, Wife, Mother, Nurse, Seeker