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The Muck the Duck series proudly features original hand-painted art by Lisa Hildebrand.


Muck the Duck

Muck is an optimistic duck that loves the world. With a secret he learns from his mother, Muck turns a bully into a friend.


Pat the Rat

Pat is a lovable rat that is determined to make friends. But making friends isn't always easy. It demands loyalty and sacrifice.


Jake the Snake

Jake desires all those things that are unique to his various friends until he learns to appreciate his own wonderful and unique gift, a gift that no one else has.


Pearl the Squirrel

Pearl is a delightful squirrel with a serious nut allergy. Her upbeat attitude inspires a thoughtful friend to elevate the whole school's understanding of allergies.


Vanilla the Gorilla

Vanilla is an albino western lowland gorilla. He feels alone and different until he learns the important truth that we are all more alike than different. 


Ringo the Dingo

Ringo is a friendly young dingo in the Northwest Territory of Australia. He learns a very important lesson; sometimes we just need to say, "I made a mistake. I'm sorry." 


Complete Set

Muck the Duck & Friends

Muck, Pat, Jake, Pearl, Vanilla, Ringo, and all their friends are happiest when they are together. Take them all home as a set and save.  


Meet the Inspiration

“Papa, tell me a story." 

Camille was just three when she asked her grandfather, Jeff O'Driscoll, to tell her a story. That was the birth of Muck the Duck. Five additional books, all with original hand-painted artwork, followed. Now you can own them all.