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Interested in a mentoring session with Doctor Jeff? Lunch with Doctor Jeff is your opportunity to have a personal audience with Doctor Jeff to talk about anything at all. Doctor Jeff helps people find their spiritual gifts and their personal answers. The answers won’t be his; they will be yours. Enjoy an introductory session of his spiritual mentoring over lunch. Pick your favorite restaurant and share two hours with Doctor Jeff, a $600 value, for the cost of lunch.*

*Doctor Jeff works in person, but is willing to travel with expenses covered. Lunch can be any time of the day or evening. If you wish to have Lunch with Doctor Jeff but can’t afford to buy him lunch, send him a message. Perhaps he can make other arrangements.


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Time spent with Doctor Jeff was, and continues to be, instrumental in healing my soul. After losing my spouse, my son, and my left leg in an automobile accident, which also caused me to leave my body for a visit to the "other side,” Doctor Jeff had the compassion and insight to engage in deep conversation and walk with me while I found my own answers. 

Jeffery Olsen, Near-Death Experiencer & Best-Selling Author