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Lunch with Doctor Jeff

Interested in a mentoring session with Doctor Jeff? Lunch with Doctor Jeff is your opportunity to have a personal audience with Doctor Jeff to talk about anything at all. Doctor Jeff helps people find their spiritual gifts and their personal answers. The answers won’t be his; they will be yours. Enjoy an introductory session of his spiritual mentoring over lunch. Pick your favorite restaurant and share two hours with Doctor Jeff, a $600 value, for the cost of lunch.*

*Doctor Jeff works in person and is willing to travel with expenses covered. Lunch can be anytime day or evening. If you can’t afford lunch, send a message. Doctor Jeff will make other arrangements.
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Additional Endorsements


Patty Richardson

Mother, Friend

Lunch with Jeff was a game-changer. I felt fully at ease and the conversation was completely organic. He listened intently to my questions and worries. He shared experiences, offered sage advice and helped me to discover my own answers. I had an incredible experience later that same evening using the tools he provided. I treasure my association with Dr. Jeff as a gift from above. I highly recommend reaching out to him. 


Karen J Thurlow Blom

wife, nurse, light worker

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I’m grateful for the time and light Doctor Jeff freely shared. He is a gentle giant. The gift he gave me opened doors that exceeded my expectations. My losses, most recently the loss of my soul mate and twin flame, left me struggling to make head or tail of the experiences. I actually felt an impression from my late husband to meet with Doctor Jeff. He was quiet, unobtrusive and watchful. My emotions were raw, but he was a tender, caring listener, and a remarkable healer. If you meet with Doctor Jeff you will gain far more than you hoped for.

Sharon Parkinson

Single mom, Trauma nurse, Friend


Meeting with Dr. Jeff was exactly what I needed! I hadn’t understood spirituality despite belonging to a major religion, and had many questions about my purpose. With patience, guidance and understanding, Jeff listened as I told him about losing my brother at an early age. I’d felt defeated and unworthy, but he helped me see my gifts and my value in helping others. He showed me how life’s hard choices, and sometimes missteps, are less about sin and more about learning, growing and moving forward. He guided me to see, understand and embrace my spiritual gift as a healer, and that angels walk with me. I began our lunch unsure, but walked out empowered and ready to help others! Spending time with Jeff was definitely a blessing.


Chuck Terry

Teacher, Facilitator, Consultant

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When I took Jeff up on his website invitation to do lunch I found a humble and very learned man with deep insights gained not only from extensive study, but also from service to his fellow beings on both sides of the veil. The experiences and wisdom he shared over lunch gave me much to think about and I came away uplifted and grateful for the chance to know him better. I would not hesitate to recommend Lunch with Jeff to anyone engaged in the quest to find their personal spiritual path.