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Best of State 2018 Winner

Doctor Jeff O’Driscoll grabs highlights from his twenty-five years in the emergency department and walks readers through a series of near-life experiences that open a window into a spiritual world. Leveraging the near-death experience of his friend, Jeff Olsen, and the shared-death experience he had with Tamara, Olsen’s deceased wife, O’Driscoll invites willing souls beyond the veil and into a fuller, more inspired life.

Dr. O’Driscoll’s encounters with the spirits that frequent the ER are filled with insights and encouragement. His candor and vulnerability are compelling. His story is transformative.

“This bravely told autobiographical experience provides that which we all seek: HOPE."

Not Yet is dedicated to my oldest brother, Stanton K O’Driscoll.

“Older brothers are older brothers, even when they’re dead."


Frequent Questions

What is Not Yet about?

Not Yet highlights spiritual experiences in a busy emergency department. It’s about finding a spiritual center and trusting it.

How is Not Yet different from other books about near-death experiences?

Not Yet touches on near-death experiences, or NDEs, but not in great detail. Rather, Not Yet focuses on shared-death experiences and other spiritual phenomena and the lessons they offer.

What are shared-death experiences?

Shared-death experiences are spiritual phenomena experienced by loved-ones or others who are near a person that dies. They may be experienced by people who are nearby geographically or nearby spiritually, such as a loved one on the other side of the country who experiences a visitation from a recently deceased family member. A physiologic explanation for shared-death experiences is difficult because they are generally experienced by healthy individuals.

Is Not Yet a religious book?

Not Yet is not a religious book. It’s about spiritual experiences and spirituality. For some, religion fosters spirituality. For others, religion becomes an impediment. For many, spirituality transcends religion and connects us with the Universe and with one another.

What is a near-life experience?

When people leave their bodies, whether through death or otherwise, they come closer to their divine and eternal life. In those moments, they are more alive. Life commenced before mortal birth and continues beyond mortal death. When people move from their mortal bodies, they brush near that endless life. Dr. O’Driscoll refers to these life-changing events as Near-Life Experiences.

What can people learn from Not Yet?

Many people desire a spiritually transformative experience; they want answers and direction. Not Yet shares spiritual experiences and principles that may help seekers find their own near-life experiences.

What principles are shared in Not Yet?

 A few of the principles shared in Not Yet include:

  • Believe. Experiences come to skeptics, but they come more often to believers.

  • Be willing. Messengers come to those who are willing to act on the message.
  • Ask. Finding answers often follows asking the right question.
  • Serve. When we help others—seen and unseen—they help us.
  • Practice. Spirituality, like other gifts and talents, grows with practice.
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What Readers Say about Not Yet

“If I could give this more than 5 stars, I would . . . I can recommend this book wholeheartedly to anyone of any faith system.” — P. Morrison

“I was moved, touched and inspired by the life of this humble physician. I hope the lessons I learned from this book will become things I begin to practice in living my life.” — Norman B.

“This bravely told autobiographical experience provides that which we all seek: HOPE.” — Kirk M. Gilmore, MD, Emergency Physician

“The insights in this book were amazing. I loved it from beginning to end.” — M. Wingle

“Amazing book! It is one of those books that you think about for a long time after you finish it.” — Kim

“I am grateful for Dr. O'Driscoll's willingness to share such deeply personal experiences with such clarity and honesty.” — Marv Curtis

“This is an amazing book... I loved the lessons learned... I plan to read it again.” — Brent Heiner


Sharing His Experience

Dr. O'Driscoll has spoken about Not Yet in numerous radio, TV, podcast, and conference appearances.



Most people are spiritual, though they sometimes fail to recognize it. Discussing the accounts of spiritual phenomena found in Not Yet helps groups identify their own spiritual experiences. Lessons identified in Not Yet take groups in many directions and provide content for several enriching discussions.

The author is available to speak to groups and lead workshops.

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