Jeffery Olsen

Near-Death EXPERIENCEr, Best-Selling Author

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Time spent with Doctor Jeff was, and continues to be, instrumental in healing my soul. After losing my spouse, my son, and my left leg in an automobile accident, which also caused me to leave my body for a visit to the "other side,” Doctor Jeff had the compassion and insight to engage in deep conversation and walk with me while I found my own answers. 


Rachel Smith Barker

Life Coach, Mother, Wife, Friend


Dr. Jeff O’Driscoll worked in the ER for years, but that doesn’t fully describe his role as a healer. He helps people recognize their gifts. When my husband and I sat down for “Lunch with Jeff,” we discussed my struggle to understand the answers to my childhood prayers for my father’s health. Dr. Jeff’s responses were nothing short of an epiphany for me, redirecting my perspective of what happened. I will be forever grateful. I emphatically encourage you to have your own “Lunch with Jeff.” He may help you see what you’ve been missing.


Joy Dodds

Registered Nurse, Mother, Wife, Film consultant


I’ve known Jeff O’Driscoll for more than 20 years, working side-by-side in the emergency department. I trust him. His insight and wisdom have not come easily. His personal sufferings give his mentoring authentically. We’ve had lunch many times, when I was at a crossroad, or just needed to talk. He doesn’t try to change you. He puts himself in your shoes and suggests a path to answers. What an honor to know Jeff O’Driscoll.

Norm Boshoff

Board Registered Intervention Specialist

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I was senior pastor of a mega church when I struggled with alcohol. Ultimately I found a 12-step fellowship and a spiritual solution. When I read Dr. Jeff’s book, I realized he was a man of unusual spiritual depth and insight. During my Lunch with Jeff, I found him quiet, humble, and with a wonderful sense of humor. He laughs easily. He compassionately listened to my story without judgement. He offered keen insight and allowed me space to come up with my own answers. I left feeling loved, encouraged, hopeful, and motivated to live a life of greater service to God and His kids without the negative self-judging that I am prone to do. We spent just a few hours together, but he changed my life forever. As we concluded, at my request, Dr. Jeff blessed me. I strongly encourage you to have your own Lunch with Jeff.  


David Lindes

Author, musician, father


Jeff makes me curious about the spiritual world in a way I have not experienced since childhood. His spiritual experiences helped kill my cynicism and replace it with wonder. He helped me believe and accept the gifts I had not seen as such before.


Chalese Stevens

Author, Mother, Founder/Owner Rainy Days Foundation

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I left my “Lunch with Jeff” feeling motivated and inspired to keep writing my book and following my path!! He helped me get rid of that last layer of undeserved guilt I didn't realize I had. Our visit had an incredible impact on me. Thanks, Jeff O'Driscoll, for the enlightened conversation!